Patrick English

3D Environment Artwork for Games

The bulk of my professional experience in the gaming industry has been spent building artwork for open-world games. Titles such as Skate and Sleeping Dogs require huge worlds to be built using strict geo and texture budget limitations while reaching for high visual benchmarks.  These experiences have given me a unique appreciation for the art/budget balance that's so integral to any modern game production. Building modular scene-assembly components to accommodate design iterations and global texture sets to save precious memory can benefit any production, big or small.


3D Environment Artwork for VFX and Film

Despite a few technical differences and production requirements, modeling and texturing for VFX and Film are fundamentally the same. Good models exhibit a clean wireframe, with bevels where they matter and an edgeflow that will facilitate the work of the surfacing department down the line. Below are a few examples of some modeling and texturing work created for the VFX and Film  industries.



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