Patrick English - Illustration and Graphic Design


Most of these paintings and illustrations were done at leisure, in a continued effort to improve my illustrative and fundamental imaging skills. 


Graphic Design and Branding

My graphic design background allows me to take on projects that help entrepreneurs establish brand identity, and realize their vision. As an RC hobbyist, much of my graphic design work is rooted in the booming Drone and UAV industry. 



Kaizen Kinetics Unmanned Systems

K2i came to me without any visual brand identity. Their slogan "Global Synergy In Motion" was already driving plenty of ideas in my mind and the client knew what he wanted. Heavy Yin-Yang influences and a specific colour palette ultimately landed on a stylish and familiar insignia that continues to drive the look for their print and online graphics needs.



RMRC employs me to create web graphics, animated motion graphics and package design when the need arises. 



Packaging, Labels and Tees

FPV Culture and Drone Racing events insist on modern styling for products and edgy graphics to satisfy the fickle RC consumer.

There's no shortage of sticker and package design opportunities in the RC & Drone industry. T-Shirts are always a crowd favorite, which gives me an opportunity to work in more adventurous styles. 

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